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Crionna: Scottish Gaelic "attention to detail"


Epson paper reviews by some of the best known photographers in the business

As an artist it is vital to me that my prints are of the highest quality; as a photographer I am fortunate to have acquired the skills to make that happen.

I am now offering my services to my fellow artists, painters, potters, sculptors and anyone who wishes to produce fine art prints but lacks the necessary skills and equipment.

It may seem as if making a print is a piece of cake, after all, most people these days have a half decent point and shoot camera that will capture a decent amount of detail. Most people also have a printer and paper and many have skills to make a decent print. But artists are not most people, they are not satisfied with a mediocre attempt to make a poor quality copy and this often deters them from making prints altogether.

Having recently produced prints for my New York exhibition  I am confident I can bridge this gap by providing the expertise necessary to get the quality of print any artist would be happy to sign. 

Read on for more information on media choices here. 

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High quality prints you will be happy to sign!

Know How

In working up my own portfolio, I have acquired the skills and know-how to optimise image capture and I have invested in the very best photographic and printing equipment on the market. Every step in my work flow is harmonised and the result is that many of my prints can be printed up to a window sized 40" x 40". 

Great Equipment

The Canon 5D Mark II Camera is one of the best in the business; this camera captures at full frame and has been widely acclaimed.  For the initial capture of the photographic file for the print, the camera is mounted on a Gitzo tripod; this ensures stability and pin sharp prints.

I work internationally so if you prefer to send your own file I require a high resolution image. The better the input file the bigger the print. 

High quality image is vital!

Expertise in Photoshop and Lightroom

Many artists I speak to have the idea that working with photographic software is somehow cheating. The digital workflow however, simply replaces a process that previously went on in the dark room.  

While one can print straight from the camera these days, it is important for a fine art print that the output is optimised so that the end result  accurately represents the original. 

I use both Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5 systems depending on requirements and I work on a 27" Apple Imac to ensure that I can see every pixel on the screen. 

Prior to printing you will be provided with an A4 image to approve which ensures you keep control of the process. 

Expert image processing
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Every computer is sitting in variable lighting conditions which affects how it represents colour; it has also been 'profiled'  by the manufacturer so the red you see on one computer screen may not be the same hue as one you see in real life or on any other computer.

To even out the effect of lighting conditions, the computer needs to be calibrated using software that measures outside light temperature and quantity, and adjusts the colour on the screen. I use an X-Rite ColorMunki system which calibrates the screen every ten minutes. 

Calibration every step of the way! 


Every paper manufacturer provides the profile for their specific product  called an ICC profile. By using the specifications one can ensure that the computer is simulating the paper softness and colour presentation in a more realistic way. Profiling allows correction of subtle deficits in colour or clarity and ensures that the intensity of the colours are well displayed for each paper or canvas. 

Paper and Canvas Selection

The paper selection is vital to the end result and every paper has a different specification. Each paper varies in weight, texture, colour, acidity etc and each of these factors affects how the ink is picked up and the colours are represented. Canvas and some of the heavy fine art papers, render a less sharp image and have similar texture, quality and colour representation to watercolour paper or traditional canvas. These textured papers work very well for reproductions of oil and watercolour originals. On the other hand some of the lustre and gloss papers make stunning prints especially for black and white work and they are significantly cheaper.

       Lois Greenfield talks about Epson Hot Press Bright Signature Worthy Epson Paper
Proof approval to ensure you keep control

   Chase Jarvis talks about the Epson 9890 Printer. 


Not everyone has a printer the size of a small sofa in their studio!

As with everything else, the printer has a complex electronic system which must be calibrated to work perfectly in harmony with the computer software. They have to 'talk' to each other to get the best results. 

The Epson 9890 Printer can produce prints of 40" x 60" (or more); it can print on paper as well as canvas and therefore offers the artist a high degree of flexibility. 

Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink With Vivid Magenta 

As the manufacturer says "Accurate reproduction and image quality unlike anything seen before - beautiful, true to life skin tones, intense colour and an amazing range of expression. The results will last a lifetime and look the same under all light conditions.

The breakthrough technology of UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta further expands the wide colour gamut and provides accurate colour rendition with virtually no colour twist. With the addition of newly formulated vivid magenta and vivid light magenta inks, they offer an even broader colour gamut and a dramatically improved range of expression.

Perfect for fine art, proofing and photography, the nine colour ink set includes: photo black, matte black, light black, light light black, cyan, light cyan, yellow, vivid magenta and vivid light magenta.

Inks and paper combinations that will not fade in a lifetime!

Paper Options 

See below some of the reviews of the papers I currently use, other papers can also be requested if you have a particular favourite. 

Archival/Museum Quality Fine Art Papers: Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art and Epson Hot Press Bright Premium Canvas Satin

Premium Quality Photo Papers: Epson Premium Lustre and Epson Premium Glossy

Canvas: Epson Premium Canvas Satin 

Read more about the papers here.   


Much of the work to produce a final print worth signing goes into the preparation and as a result the prices get lower the more you buy.  Each media type has a different price with the glossy or lustre papers being cheaper than the heavy weight watercolour type paper or canvas. 

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              The Epson Ultrachrome K3 with Vivid Magenta Inks 

So, once you have mastered the photo shoot, the profiling and calibration of the camera, the computer, the printer, paper and ink, once you have learned how to ensure the light, shadow, hue and saturation are controlled and accurate and after you have selected the best paper to give the best possible result.....

you simply point and shoot....

load the file....

edit to perfection