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"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"

William Wordsworth


Think of the world's greatest artists and you know that the paper, the canvas, the stone or clay they used was of the utmost importance to them. The texture, the colour and the shape of their materials all affect the 'look' of the final piece. I can't imagine that Michaelangelo just picked up a bit of stone at the local market and thought, this is cheap, I'm sure it will do. No, he spent huge amounts of time at the Carrera quarry selecting his marble. 


The quality, texture and colour of the paper is vital!


These days anyone can print a picture just as anyone can take a photograph. A click of the button and hey presto, a print appears. But what about the quality?  If you buy a print from a large store you don't know much about the paper that was used, even if you pay quite a bit of money for the framed work. You don't know if it is a good rendition of the original or whether it will fade after a few years on the wall. Many professional photographers do not print their own work, they ship out the electronic file to have it printed 'professionally', so, it may be super quality or it may not, you as the buyer, will never know, until it fades. Any way you look at it, if the artist is not in control and involved in producing the final work then the quality comes into question.


Crionna Prints are all handmade here on the Isle of Skye!  


So, why did I invest a huge amount of money in a printer the size of a sofa, which takes inks costing a small fortune? Why do I invest in the finest papers I can find? Because for me the final print in your hand is the artwork not just the digital image on the screen. The texture of the paper, the hue and saturation are vital to the overall success of the image. I often print an image several times before I am happy that I have captured the 'profile' for that piece. I agonise over my printing process to make sure my work is perfect when it ships out. See what my clients say here. 


Limited Edition Prints on Fabulous Paper


Each image is titled, numbered and signed at the bottom of the print; they have a generous white white border to make it easy to frame. Your print will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me giving you details of the print number, the materials etc. I create small editions in various sizes depending on the resolution of the print. 


Paper and Canvas 

Canson Infinity paper and canvas is manufactured by the world’s leading Fine Art Paper Mills, Canson and Arches, located in France. Canson was founded in 1557 and its illustrious history includes being the royal paper supplier for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette - before the France revolution. The first Hot Air Balloon was made with Canson paper in 1782.  Since then they have supplied many famous artists with paper, often making it to their specification. Artists like Degas, Picasso, Miro and more recent artists like Andy Warhol have all been fans of Canson papers. 



Open Edition Posters, Prints and Cards


A lot of my work comes in Limited Editions but I also produce small sizes, posters and cards. These are printed on high quality art materials and although not numbered or signed they are hand printed creations on very high quality material.   


People often ask if my photos are watercolour paintings as the colours are so vivid and the paper is so beautiful. 

Isle of Skye Photography. Oversized art print of Scottish landscape photography.The Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye Oversized wall art print of Scottish landscape.Trossachs in Scotland. Extra large square print by female landscape photographer Lynne DouglasThe Little Tree